Are Shingles Coming Off Your Roof Really A Big Deal?

Seeing a roof shingle or two on the ground near your home can be a little concerning, but many homeowners are quick to ignore the problem. After all, it's just one or two shingles. However, just a couple of shingles can mean a big difference for your roof. Here's why you shouldn't ignore the problem.

Protection Lost

The first problem your roof will face when you lose shingles is that it will no longer be protected from the elements. Shingles interlock and act as a single, protective layer over your roof. When even one comes off, it opens up exposure to sunlight, wind, and especially rain. Water can effectively pool on your roof where the shingle has fallen off, damaging the roof and increasing the likelihood that you'll need a full roof replacement in the near future. Ignoring the problem could result in both a much larger bill and problem in the long run.

Insulation Lost

Roof shingles also act as insulation for your roof. They help to prevent excess sunlight from damaging the roof, and at the same time, they protect the roof from absorbing too much radiant heat. This helps to keep the temperature in your home more comfortable. But once the shingles are lost, this insulation starts to be lost, too. So whether you lose shingles during the wet months or the hot months, you're likely to suffer for it.

What to Do

The best thing you can do if you've had shingles fall off your roof is to call a roofer for an inspection. You have to understand that if the shingles have been damaged enough for some of them to come off, then it's likely time for all of the shingles to be replaced. You also need a professional to inspect the roof to see if there's already been any damage done from exposure to the weather. Without this inspection, your roof could end up leaking this winter and that's a big headache you probably don't want to have.

If it looks like you just need new shingles, this is a relatively easy job that should only take a day and won't cost much. You can pat yourself on the back for knowing that you kept the damage to your roof to a minimum, and thus kept your bill lower, too.

Never ignore shingles coming off of your roof, even if it's just one or two. Make an appointment to see a residential roofing contractor if this problem has happened to you.

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