Change The Color And Type Of Roof On Your Home With A Roof Replacement

Getting a new roof is an exciting time because it will improve the appearance of your home if your old roof was old and worn down. That might even motivate you to paint your house and landscape your yard. You don't need a new roof very often, so it's a big deal when you get a roof replacement. Here's an overview of a roof replacement.

You Get To Choose The Type And Color Of Your New Roof

A new roof opens a lot of possibilities for how your home looks. You might want to get concrete or clay tiles for a visual upgrade, but you could stay with asphalt shingles and just choose a new color. You can get a light-colored roof or one that's dark. Light colors make your home look brighter and larger, but you may find a light roof may not complement your siding.

Be sure to look at the new siding or new paint color next to the roof color you want so you make a good choice. You can find apps that allow you to look at different colors of paint and roofing on your home so you can try many colors to settle on the color you like best. Your roofer may even show you samples of different asphalt shingles so you can see the colors in person.

Your Roofer Explains Everything Before You Begin

You may not know much about a roof replacement now, but when you get an estimate, the roofer will explain all you need to know so you understand what will happen before you sign the contract. They'll explain the roof replacement process, what to expect with a dumpster in your yard, when the work will start, how noisy it will be, and answer all the questions you'll have about the warranty and payment terms. By the time you sign the contract, you'll know exactly what to expect.

You Might Experience Weather Delays

If you're getting your new roof during the summer when it's a busy time for roofers, you might experience delays. Roofers are often booked tight, so if a stretch of bad weather sets in, it can throw off their schedule until they catch up. Roofers can't work when it's storming or raining hard since that's too dangerous. However, your roofer will try to stay on schedule and get your roof replacement started on the estimated date.

Your Yard Is In Order When The Job Is Done

A roof replacement can be a little messy, but the crew takes care to throw trash in the dumpster. It's possible there will be debris around your foundation, but the roofing crew finishes the job by cleaning up around your home. They can even use a broom magnet to pick up loose nails and other metal debris. They're careful with your plants too, so when the work is done, your yard should look just like it did before they started. 

For more about this topic, contact a local company. 

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