5 Things To Do Before Your New Gutter Installation

Whether you are replacing old, worn-out gutters or simply putting in gutters for the first time, you will need to prepare your home for the installation process. The following are the must-do tasks that will ensure that your gutters will serve you well for years to come.

1. Check for Wood Rot

It's necessary to check for rot and water damage if you have wood eaves as opposed to vinyl or metal. Rotting eaves can't support the weight of the gutters, so eventually the troughs will sag and fail to work properly. They may even come completely loose, resulting in costly repairs to both guttering and eaves. If the wood is soft, moldy, or cracking, then rot is an issue that must be remedied before installation.

2. Remove Old Hangers

Removal of the old hanger clips may be needed if you are replacing old gutters instead of doing a first-time installation. This in part depends on the condition of the eaves and hangers, as you may be able to reuse hangers in good condition if they fit your new gutter choice. Otherwise, go through and uninstall all the old ones before putting up the new ones.

3. Repair All Damages

All repairs must be completed before you can finish eave preparation or install the new gutters. Damage repair includes removing any lengths of rotten eaves and replacing them with new ones. Small damages in the eaves, such as the holes left behind by the old gutter hangers, can be fixed with wood fillers if there is no moisture damage present.

4. Repaint If Needed

Painting the eaves is difficult to do properly once the gutters are in place. This is mainly a concern for wood and some metal eaves, as vinyl eaves don't typically require paint. Paint at least two days before gutter installation. This way you can be sure the paint has fully dried so it will be less prone to damage during the installation process.

5. Prep the Landscaping

Your landscaping around the home's perimeter will be impacted by the downspout placement. Typically, downspouts empty out into the yard or into a border bed that surrounds your home's foundation. Gutters require good drainage where the downspouts empty, so you may need to install a gravel-filled catchment station underneath the downspout locations. Your installer can advise on the best drainage solution

Contact a gutter installation service to learn more.

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