2 Signs You Need To Replace Your Home's Shingled Roof As Soon As Possible

When trying to figure out if and when you need to replace your roof, there are some things that allow you to schedule the replacement on your own time. Such factors as the roof's advanced age and the presence of minor damage such as small cracks require that the roof be replaced but give you time to coordinate its replacement on your schedule.

However, if there is severe structural damage to the roof, especially to the roof's decking, the timing of the work will need to be sped up. Below are a couple of signs indicating that you need to have your roof replaced by a professional as soon as possible.

1. Roof Line of Your Home Is Visibly Sagging

One sign that you need to have your roof assessed for replacement by a professional immediately is when you notice that the roof line of your house is visibly sagging. When you stand outside on your property, you will be able to see dips and humps on the roof's surface.

When you notice that your roof is sagging, the decking underneath is rotten and severely weakened, making it difficult for the wood to hold up the weight of the shingles. If not replaced as soon as possible, the roof is likely to cave in, causing extensive damage to your home's interior.

2. Extensive Moss Growth on Your Roof's Shingles

Another sign that your home's shingled roof has lost its structural integrity and should be replaced sooner than later is when you find extensive moss growth on the surfaces of the shingles. Since moss requires ample amounts of moisture to thrive, its presence on your home's roof indicates that water is infiltrating the singles and becoming trapped underneath them.

If there is enough moisture trapped between the shingles and decking to allow moss to grow and thrive, there is a strong possibility that the integrity of the structures is severely compromised. You should have a roofing professional inspect the roof immediately to see if it needs replacing.

While some roofing damage does not necessitate immediate replacement of the structure, there are some signs that you should not ignore. If the roof line of your home is visibly sagging and moss has started growing extensively on the surfaces of the shingles, these signs strongly indicate possible severe structural damage to the decking that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

For more information on roof replacement, contact a professional near you.

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