How Will A Roofer Repair Your Leaking Roof?

Do you have a roof that allows water to get inside your home? This is definitely going to be a situation where you bring in a professional roofer to fix it for you. Here are some of the steps that they'll take to repair your roof and stop the water from coming in. 

Identify The Leak's Source

The process starts by trying to figure out where the leak is located on the roof. They'll perform an exam inside the building to see signs of water and moisture damage, which can help narrow down the source of the leak. They'll then climb onto the roof's surface and narrow in on potential signs, like cracked roofing material, missing shingles, damaged flashing, and things of that nature. 

Prepare The Roof

Some preparation work must be done once the location of the roof leak is found. This includes removing that damaged material in a way that ensures the surrounding material is not damaged. The area will then need to be cleaned up to ensure that the new material is going to adhere to the surface in a way that looks and functions great.

Create A Patch

Water is not just getting into your home due to the roofing material, since the water is also getting through the roof deck and any ice and water shield that is there. This material will need to be patched to create a new barrier that will protect the inside of your home from water. If the roof deck is rotting from water damage, part of it will need to be removed and replaced with new wood material. 

Replace The Damaged Roofing Material 

Now the actual roofing material can be replaced. Hopefully, you have a box of extra roofing material that can be used so that it blends into the surface seamlessly. If not, the roofer will help track down new material that matches the old material. The replacement material will be blended in with the existing roofing material on your roof, and any damaged flashing will be replaced as well.

Test The Roof

Your roofer should always test the roof when they are finished with the repair. This includes running water over the surface to simulate what would happen while it is raining. They'll check underneath the roof from inside the home to make sure that no water is coming through, which verifies that the repair was done properly. Contact a roof repair service for more info.

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