Things To Know Before Replacing An Old Roof With Solar Roof Shingles

Most homeowners who are concerned about energy costs or carbon footprints usually consider solar power. Often, the emphasis is on buying and installing solar panels, but this isn't the only option. One can also replace the old roofing materials with a solar roof.

These roofs are made of solar roof shingles or tiles which fit perfectly over the installed shingles or can be mounted independently. Once installed, the tiles will handle the energy harvesting process. Besides, solar shingles will protect the building from the elements. Here are things you should know before getting a solar roof. 

Do the Solar Shingles Resemble Other Roof Shingles?

If you haven't seen solar tiles, you'll probably wonder if they look like regular ones. The truth is they are the same, but rather than using slate, asphalt, or clay, manufacturers use glass with photovoltaic cells. These cells are semiconductors and convert the energy absorbed from the sun's rays. The energy is transformed into electrons to power the house.

What's the Difference Between Solar Panels and Shingles?

While solar panels and shingles convert sun rays to energy, they are pretty different. Knowing their difference can help determine which option is suitable for your home.

Shingles are durable and better at withstanding weather changes, weather-resistant, and offer more significant utility savings. After all, the shingles will cover a large area. Once installed, your home will be aesthetically pleasing, increasing the property value. 

Solar panels cover a smaller space but can be energy efficient if the panels are exposed to sunlight for long hours. Moreover, they have a shorter installation time and are more affordable.

Why Choose a Solar Roof?

When you compare a solar roof with an ordinary roof and solar panels, you'll realize it's advantageous to get solar shingles. The roofing lasts longer, which means you will enjoy free energy for several decades, reducing your utility costs for many years. 

What about the appearance? The shingles are designed to look like traditional roofing shingles, so they'll blend better. The roof will also produce more energy, reducing your carbon footprint and monthly bills. Also, solar shingles aren't difficult to maintain, meaning the service costs will be less costly over the years.

How Much Will It Cost to Install a Solar Roof?

The cost of a solar roof is often a concern, but since you are making a worthwhile investment, you shouldn't give up. Usually, the expenditures vary depending on factors like the roof size, roofing slope or pitch, location, brand/manufacturer of the tile, and energy requirements. So, consider these factors as you set the project budget.

Contact a local roofing contractor to learn more. 

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