Signs You Need To Replace Your Commercial Roof

Your commercial roof is important to your business. The roof is one of the most visible parts of most structures. It also offers protection for everything inside the business as well. When a roof has a problem, such as a leak, then you should have a roofing contractor come out to repair the leak. However, all roofs will eventually get to the point where it no longer makes sense to continue repairing them, and the best thing to do is to completely replace them. You should learn enough about your commercial roof to recognize when it's in your best interest to consider having it replaced. Here are some things that can indicate that it may be best for you to have the commercial roof replaced: 

You are dealing with repeated leaks 

While it's true you don't want to have the roof replaced because of a single leak, it's also true that you shouldn't find yourself dealing with leaks on a regular basis. If you are starting to see leaks more regularly, then you should have a roofing contractor come to inspect the roof. It is likely that the time has come to have it replaced. Once this is determined, it's best for you to have it replaced as soon as possible to keep other problems from happening. 

There are bubbles on the roof

Air pockets can end up forming between the membrane and the underlayment of the roof. When this happens, it can cause bubbles to show up. If you catch this issue quickly and have it dealt with properly, you may be able to save the roof. However, this is something that can lead to the need for a roof replacement when not addressed soon enough. 

The shingles are having issues

If you have a commercial roof with shingles, then you want to pay attention to the look of the shingles. When it's time to have the roof replaced, you will likely start to notice some things happening to the surface of the roof. You may notice the shingles are starting to curl along the edges. They may also be cracked and lifted. You may start finding shingles lying on the property that have blown off the roof as well. Additionally, look for granules in the gutters and along the edges of the building. When you start finding a good amount of granules, it means it's time for a new roof. 

There are issues happening with the flashing

Just like with most other things, the occasional repair issue may not mean much at all. However, if you are starting to have issues with the flashing, then this is something you should take seriously. The flashing is there to help secure the roofing materials in place and prevent damage due to moisture. If you are having flashing problems, then this is often a good indication that the roof itself is ready to be replaced.

For more information about commercial roofing replacement, contact a local company.

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