Three Roofing Features To Consider When Installing A Roof In A Heavy-Rainfall Area

Before installing a residential roof, you must consider the impact of inclement weather on the performance and durability of the structure. If your area experiences heavy rainfall, you need a sturdy roof to keep rainwater out of your home. However, with so many roofing options on the market, it may be hard to narrow down the best roofing designs and materials for your region. Read on for three roofing features to consider if you live in an area with heavy rainfall.

Sloped Roof Design

Heavy rainfall increases the risk of water pooling on the roof surface. A flat or low-sloped roof allows rainwater to stagnate on the surface, which deteriorates the materials and causes roof leaks. Therefore, choose a sloped design for your roof. A steep pitch allows rainwater to run off quickly, lowering the risk of material deterioration and roof leaks. Furthermore, a pitched roof suffers less damage from hail and debris. A steep slope reduces the angle of impact and allows the surface to deflect debris, which minimizes damage.

Watertight Roofing Structure

Heavy rainfall increases the risk of roof leaks in structures. The best way to keep moisture out of your home is to install a watertight roof. You can make your roof impermeable to moisture in two ways:

Choose a watertight roofing system

One popular watertight roofing system is the standing seam metal roofing system. Standing seam metal roofs use a concealed fastener system, where nails and fasteners are installed underneath the surface. Since the fasteners aren't exposed to the elements, they are less likely to wear and cause roof leaks. Membrane roofing is also a great choice for creating a water-resistant structure. However, it works best for flat roofing systems.

Install a waterproof roof underlayment

Synthetic roof underlayment is the best choice for areas with heavy rainfall. It is made of a fiberglass-reinforced asphalt mat that is waterproof and resistant to tears. You should install a waterproof underlayment over your roof deck, regardless of the materials you choose. If a leak occurs, the underlay will prevent moisture from infiltrating the deck.

Impact-Resistant and Wind-Resistant Materials

Heavy rainfall is usually accompanied by hail, flying debris, or high winds. Therefore, you need materials that can withstand strong winds, hailstorms, and flying debris without cracking and causing roof leaks. Impact-resistant materials are designed to resist damage from hail and flying debris. The best options are impact-resistant shingles, metal roofing, concrete tiles, and composite roof tiles. Most impact-resistant roofing materials have a high wind-resistance rating as well. Therefore, they are less likely to get dislodged or damaged by strong winds.

The above roofing features will keep moisture out of your home while improving the performance and durability of your roof. Contact a roofing company, such as United Roofing LLC, for more information.

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