Residential Roof Repair: 4 Reasons To Fix A Leaking Roof On Time

Most homeowners delay certain home repairs to save money. Although you can put off certain repairs, such as applying a fresh coat of paint in your kitchen, delicate repairs, such as roof leaks, can have severe consequences. That's why it is essential to schedule routine inspections and have minor leaks fixed as soon as possible. The following are a few dangers of delaying residential roof repairs. 

1. Ceiling and Attic Damage 

Water can leak into your attic and your ceiling when your shingles get punctured or blown away during a storm. Stained ceilings and wet spots in your attic may be the first signs of a roof leak. The water in the ceiling could cause it to bulge downwards and may also soak adjacent walls. If left unaddressed, moisture may damage the fan and lighting fixtures on the ceiling or cause electrical fires. Therefore, you should fix the roof leaks on time to save your ceiling and the entire house from damage. 

2. Mold Growth 

Mold grows in warm and damp areas. As the holes and cracks on your roof let in water into your home, the spores will settle and start reproducing. They may spread to other areas of the house, including your ventilation system and HVAC ductwork. Unfortunately, you or your family might experience health challenges caused by mold exposure. Therefore, contact a roofing company to fix the damage and prevent the further spread of mold in your home. 

3. High Energy Bills

Roof leaks might not seem like a huge problem, especially during warm and dry seasons, until you receive a high energy bill. Large holes and gaps in your roof allow hot and cold air to flow in and out of your house. This means your house cannot maintain desired temperatures due to air leaks. Your HVAC will work continuously to meet your needs and use a lot of energy. Therefore, fix your roof and the holes to lock in conditioned air and improve energy efficiency. 

3. Fire Hazards 

Your electrical wiring often snakes through your walls and ceiling. Water from the roof eventually makes its way into the ceiling and walls, presenting fire hazards. While switching off electricity on your main switch might lower the risks of starting a fire or electrocution, this is not a long-term solution. Ask your roofer to fix the roof leak to protect your house and your family. 

If you have a leaky roof, you need urgent intervention. Don't wait for the leaking water to cause mold or expose your family to electrical fire hazards. Instead, seek residential roof repair services to prevent further property damage and mold development and keep your family safe.

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