Factors Influencing The Cost Of A Commercial Roof Replacement

Generally, commercial roof replacement is a huge investment, requiring considerable capital. But while repairs may seem less costly, the costs of fixing recurring roofing problems could outweigh a replacement. So if your roof repair costs are spiraling out of control, you will need to replace your roofing system. At this point, it's advisable to hire a roofing contractor to help you select an ideal roofing system suited for your budget and style. This guide shares the factors that may influence the cost of your commercial roof replacement project. 

The Roof's Size 

If your business premise is large, the roof's dimension will be bigger, implying more replacement costs. This is because the more surface area the roofers need to cover, the more materials and labor are needed. In addition, if the roof pitch is great, the replacement exercise will be more difficult, thus consuming more time and increasing the costs of replacement. By calculating the roof's square footage, your roofing contractor can estimate the project's overall cost. 

The Roofing Material

Every type of roofing material varies in price. This is because different materials offer different warranties and designs. For instance, asphalt-based built-up roofing systems are ideal for commercial establishments as they often outlive their warranties. However, installing them is labor-intensive, and this impacts the overall cost. 

On the other hand, single systems are easy to install and offer long service life, although they have high upfront costs. Before settling on a roofing material, contact your roofing contractor for professional advice. They will help you select a suitable roofing material and follow the application instructions so as to meet warranty requirements.

The Rooftop Accessibility

If your rooftop is not easily accessible or far from the ground, you will incur more replacement costs. For example, taller buildings require hauling equipment to draw the roofing materials to the top. This implies extra labor in handling the equipment and additional costs for expelling the existing roof. Therefore, you will incur a high replacement cost if your rooftop is difficult to access.

The Extent of Damage

You will incur a high cost of installing a new roof if the existing one has suffered extensive damage. In this situation, the roofers will take a long time to address widespread damage. And if the roof has unpatched holes, the underlying wooden structure could be rotten as rainwater seeps beneath the roof. As a result, restoring these damaged structural components will add to the overall replacement costs.

When your commercial roof reaches the end of service life or sustains significant damage, you will need to replace it. So hire professional roofing services to ensure an excellent outcome. The experts will help you choose the best roofing system for your business premises that matches your budget and preferences.

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