Should You Repair Or Replace Your Roof? 4 Things To Consider

Roofing experts usually recommend bi-annual roofing maintenance. Regular roof maintenance keeps your roof in tip-top condition and increases its life span despite harsh weather or environmental conditions. 

But what happens if regular maintenance doesn't cut it? Consider roof repairs and replacements as viable solutions. Look into these four factors when deciding whether to replace or repair your roof.  

1. Your Roof's Age

Asphalt shingle roofs have an average life span of 20 years, depending on your environment and maintenance. However, you can increase its life span and performance with quality installation and maintenance. 

Older roofs are prone to more damage and leakages despite timely maintenance. Hence, you may incur high repair costs because of the condition or repairability of the old roof. Ask your roofing expert to analyze the roof's age and expected service to decide whether it is best to repair or replace it. 

2. Your Roof's Condition

Let your roofing contractor inspect your roof's condition before deciding to repair or replace it. 

If the wear and tear of the roof are pretty visible, consider replacing the roof. Compare the roof's deterioration and its repairability chances. If the expert cannot guarantee quality restoration after repairs, go for roof replacements. 

Also, look out for noticeable physical damages. A roof that has a significantly damaged area will require replacement. However, you can repair it if it has minor damages that might not impact the roof's quality.  

3. Your Roof's Insurance

Insurances mainly cover repair costs of damages caused by acts of nature or accidents. Consider the type, reason, and extent of damage when planning your roof repair or replacement. Work with your roofing contractor to understand how you can assess and present your insurance claim to help offset the financial burden if you decide to replace it.

For instances where the policy doesn't cover your roofing damage, consult your roofing contractor to create a payment plan for your traditional roof replacement. Again, ensure you work within your budget to get quality results. Remember, repairing a roof you should replace will increase your cumulative repair costs. 

4. Your Length of Stay

Your choice of repair or replacement could come down to how long you will stay in the house. If you plan to move out within the next few months, you may choose to fix it temporarily through repair. 

However, this reduces the property's value when it comes to selling it. Replacing the roof in such situations improves curb appeal and increases its value. Discuss your timelines and assess the viability of your roofing project with your roofing contractor before deciding on replacement or repair.

Contact a local roof replacement and repair service to learn more. 

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