FAQs About Residential Roof Inspections

No matter how well a roof is constructed, a severe storm can cause minor to extreme damage in the blink of an eye. The thing about minor damage is that it is not usually detected until time passes by and serious roof problems develop. Once a roof has developed major problems, making repairs is more difficult and costly to perform. If a homeowner wants to prevent such a roof problem, getting the roof examined by a roofing contractor should be done on a regular basis, especially after storms. If a homeowner decides to perform the inspections on their own, they might not know what to look for.

What Happens If a Roof Is Not Inspected?

A roof that never receives inspections might lose as few as one shingle and begin to progressively get worse. When a missing shingle does not get replaced, the roof deck comes in direct contact with outside elements. Outside elements such as excessive heat from the sun and rain can cause the deck to deteriorate in an untimely fashion. For example, water can sit on the wood for a long time and cause it to become rotten, which eventually leads to a leak inside the house. Inspections are important so missing shingles and other problems can be repaired before the deck begins to deteriorate.

How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

The price charged for a roof inspection varies based on the roofing contractor that is hired to perform the inspection. However, it is possible to find a roofer who will inspect the roof free of charge. If you get a free roof inspection, the contractor will use all of their skills and knowledge to locate everything that is wrong with your roof and anything that needs attention. For a free roof inspection, simply contact a roofer who does not charge and set up an appointment for the inspection to be performed.

Are Repairs Made During an Inspection?

Repairs are not usually made during the time that a roof is inspected. If anything is found to be wrong with the roof, a homeowner has the option of scheduling a date for repairs to be made. After the inspection, an insurance claim can be filed to assist with repairs if a homeowner has coverage. The roofer will provide details about the damage and what the repairs will cost.

To learn more, contact a roofing company that offers free home roofing examinations

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