Storm Damage Roof Inspection: Here's Why It's Important

While roofs are designed to offer you protection against inclement weather, they are sometimes prone to damage. Storms in particular are characterized by heavy rain and strong winds that can move roof shingles or damage the flashing. Sometimes, it may not be easy to spot such damage through a visual inspection. That's why you should speak to an experienced roofing contractor to help you with the task. There are plenty of reasons why it's crucial to undertake storm damage roof inspection. Here are a few you should know.

Professional Inspection Can Help When You Need Compensation

After a major storm, performing a roof inspection is necessary when filing for compensation for your roof damage. Before your insurance company pays for the damage, they'll need proof that it is due to a natural disaster. When you call a roofer for inspection, they'll access the damage and take close-up photos of the damaged sections. They'll then write a summary of their observations during the inspection. Remember that the reports from roofers are professionally certified. So, when you present it to an insurance company, they won't deny it.

It Helps You Know the Severity of Your Damage

If you're not a trained expert, it can be difficult to know the exact nature of your roof damage. While some damage may be easier to see, others require professional help to solve. Roofers have years of training on the job and can easily spot the signs of damage and address them as soon as they arise. Some of the things they'll be looking out for during the inspection include loose or missing shingles and hidden signs of water leaks.

You'll Not Have to Deal With Water Damage Over Time

A timely roof inspection after a storm is essential in ensuring you don't have to deal with more damage down the road. After a major storm, your roof may likely have sustained damage that can't be easily detected through a visual inspection. However, minor problems such as sliding shingles can lead to major issues like water damage, resulting in expensive repairs.

You'll Not Worry About Your Roofs Structural Integrity

Professional roofers know the things to check to ensure that your roof offers you the protection you need. So, once they complete the storm damage roof assessment, you can count that their findings and recommendation will get your roof back in great shape.

After a major storm, it's advisable to seek the help of a local roofing service such as Ketchum Roofing & Windows. Such professionals can detect hidden issues and address them quickly, saving you from dealing with expensive repairs down the road.

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