How Your Roofing Contractor Decides If Your Roof Should Be Repaired Or Replaced After Wind Damage

If your asphalt shingle roof lost a lot of shingles during a recent storm, you should call a roofing contractor as soon as possible to see if the roof can be repaired or if you need to get a roof replacement. 

If the only damage is missing shingles, repairs might be an option, but the work needs to be done soon or the deck might sustain water damage if it rains. Here are some things the roofing contractor considers when determining if you need a new roof or if they can proceed with repairs.

The Age Of Your Roof

If your roof is only a few years old and the underlayment, deck, and remaining shingles are all in good shape, then repairs might be a good way to spend your money. Your roofer can replace the lost shingles and your roof could be good as new again for less cost than getting a new roof.

However, the roofing contractor might need to cover your roof with a tarp to keep it dry while you wait on repairs so the damage doesn't escalate if it rains.

The Warranty And Insurance Coverage

Your roofing contractor also has to consider what type of help you'll get from your warranty if any, and your insurance policy. Your warranty may not cover storm damage unless an installation error caused the shingles to fail. Instead, coverage may come from your homeowner's policy.

You may want to see what your policy will pay for before deciding on repairs or a replacement. If your insurance will pay for a new roof, then getting a roof replacement is probably the right choice.

The Type And Extent Of Damage

If the shingles on your roof have hail damage, then you'll probably need your roof replaced, especially if the damage is widespread. Even if the remaining shingles don't have hail damage, if a lot of them are crooked or loose, then repairs might make more sense than trying to repair or replace many of the shingles.

The roofing contractor has to check the roof over and determine the percentage of it that needs repairs. If the percentage is high, your roofing contractor will probably think replacing the roof is the best option.

The Cost Of Repairs

Even if it works out that the cost of the repairs is less than a roof replacement, there may be times when it pays off to get a new roof. This might be the case if your roof is old and will need to be replaced within the next few years.

You probably won't want to put a lot of money into repairs when the repaired area will be torn off for a new roof in two or three years. It might be a wiser financial move to invest in a roof replacement now.

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