Top Tips To Avoid Mistakes That Increase Commercial Roof Replacement Costs

There comes a time when repairs are no longer effective, and the only viable solution is a roof replacement. Generally, re-roofing your office is a major undertaking, so to get the most out of it, you need to be careful not to make mistakes that could increase the installation costs. Here are three guidelines that can enable you to prevent this from happening.

Do Not Put Up the New Roof Over the Old One

Removing your old roof may incur an added cost to the project, but failing to do so would be even more costly. It is necessary to uninstall old and check the condition of underlayment and other components, e.g., to see whether they are worn out, rotting from water damage, etc. Sadly, many property owners skip this step and install the new roof over the old one, which later becomes costly because underlying issues are not resolved.

In addition, the new roof may not last that long in such an installation because of the moisture trapped in the deck. Therefore, roof specialists recommend uninstalling the old roof first, dealing with all existing issues, and then installing the new one, even if it means getting another deck. Though it might seem expensive initially, the long-term benefits are worth it.

Steer Clear of Low-Quality Roofing Material

Quality roofing material is paramount during a roof replacement. Avoid using cheap materials of questionable quality to save money because they won't meet your needs effectively. It won't be long before your roof requires repairs, e.g., after strong winds or heavy rains. In a few years, you may even have to replace it again.

On the other hand, a high-quality roof is sturdier and can withstand different weather conditions. To ensure that you make a sound roofing investment, consult your roofing contractor for advice on a quality roofing material for your commercial building.

Do Not Entrust It To a Non-Professional or DIYselfer

One of the more common roof replacement mistakes is going the DIY route rather than hiring a professional commercial roofer. Unfortunately, a lot could go wrong without the necessary training, skill, expertise, and tools for a commercial re-roofing project. For example, an in-expert roof replacement could lead to gaps that may cause leaks later on. Additionally, it may adversely affect the roof's ventilation and insulation systems.

To better manage your commercial roof replacement costs, avoid the above mistakes and work with a commercial roof installation contractor from the project's ideation and onset.

Reach out to a commercial roof installation contractor for more information.

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