4 Reasons To Leave Roofing Repair For A Contractor To Do

Putting on a replacement shingle is a fairly common and easy roofing repair. However, you may want a roofer to do the work for you anyway. If you happen to do something wrong, and the area under the shingle leaks later, your warranty might not cover the repairs since DIY repairs were done earlier. It's often best to leave all kinds of roofing repairs for contractors. Here's why.

1. Ladders And Roofs Are Dangerous

A fall from a ladder or roof could put you in the hospital with a broken bone. Climbing around on a roof is more dangerous than you think, especially if your roof is a little slippery or if your roof has a steep slope.

Roofers wear equipment that keeps them safe from a fall on a steep roof. All it takes is one slip or getting your ladder too close to a power line, and you could have a serious injury.

2. Leaks Are Difficult To Find

It's surprisingly difficult to find roof leaks sometimes. The hole where rain leaks in might be higher on the roof than where the rain drips off the ceiling in the attic. Water can roll down the rafter or ceiling for quite a way and leave you wondering where the leaky area is located.

A roofer can use equipment to track down a roof leak and figure out what shingles have water damage under them. A roofer will make sure the leak is plugged, and moisture-damaged roofing is repaired so that the damage stops rather than escalates.

3. Supplies Are Easier For A Roofer To Source

Putting new asphalt shingles next to old ones on your roof might make the new shingles stand out, but they might not look as bad as putting brand new clay tiles against old tiles.

A roofer knows where to source roofing materials so your roof is attractive when the work is done and that the repaired area blends in as well as possible. In the case of clay tiles, the roofer may look for reclaimed tiles that are old but still in good shape.

4. Roofing Repairs Require Skills

If you're handy with home improvement tasks, you might have the skills needed to fabricate flashing from sheet metal and apply it to the chimney or roof valley. If you don't have the experience and skill, you could make a mistake with flashing that allows rain to seep in. Leaks are common around flashing, so it's important that it is installed properly and sheds water.

No matter what kind of roofing repair you need, a roofer knows how to do the work and can help you avoid costly damage to your home. For more info, reach out to a company such as Heavenly Roofing LLC.  

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