Should You Purchase TPO Supplies When Enlisting Commercial Roof Replacement Services?

As a business owner, you are saddled with a multitude of responsibilities. Hence, it is only natural that your main focus would be on the growth and profitability of your operations rather than the state of your commercial property. Nevertheless, this does not mean you should ignore the condition of your building, especially the roof. With time, flat roofs are bound to succumb to damage in the form of punctures and structural movement, both of which lead to leaks and decreased energy efficiency of the structure.

When looking to replace your commercial roof, you could be tempted to stick to materials you are familiar with, such as EPDM, but this is not the only option available. For enhanced endurance, you may want to gravesite toward TPO supplies. Comprising a layer of synthetic rubber, here are a few traits of thermoplastic polyolefin supplies that should have you consider this solution when enlisting commercial roof replacement services.

TPO Roofing Supplies Offer Dimensional Stability

A mistruth some business owners believe regarding membrane roofing supplies is that they are all structurally similar, but this is incorrect. Admittedly, EPDM is renowned for its numerous benefits. Nonetheless, not many individuals take into account that this roofing material is incredibly vulnerable to shrinkage, especially the older the roofing supplies get. This is not an issue you will face with thermoplastic polyolefin supplies.

During commercial roof replacement, the roofing contractors can fuse the TPO supplies onto the roofing structure. This installation technique not only works to provide your commercial property with a uniformly-intact barrier that protects your building from debris and precipitation, but it also functions to mitigate the risk of shrinkage. Therefore, you can rest assured that the TPO roofing can retain its dimensional stability for the long term.

TPO Roofing Supplies Reduce the Risk of Thermal Gain

Another major advantage that thermoplastic polyolefin supplies offer over their membrane roofing counterparts is inherent cooling for your commercial property. Unlike other roofing materials that need to be painted to gain reflective properties, TPO roofing supplies are naturally white. This color is great for commercial properties located in areas that experience blistering hot climatic conditions for most of the year, because the thermoplastic polyolefin can deflect the harsh ultraviolet rays from the run.

As a consequence, your new roofing can help with limiting thermal gain in your commercial building, which helps with keeping your energy costs low. As a bonus tip, consider requesting the highest energy star-rated thermoplastic polyolefin supplies once you hire commercial roof replacement services.

To learn more about commercial roof replacement or different roofing materials, contact a service near you—such as Hurricane Roofer.

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