Did My Roof Repair Go Wrong? Not Necessarily

After a roof has been repaired, you'd expect the problems you'd had before to go away. Sometimes they don't, and that can be frustrating. The first thought in your mind might be that the repair was done incorrectly, and while that's always possible, chances are you're still having a problem because of one of a few other reasons. Assuming you have done your homework and had a very good roofing company carry out the repairs, you could have additional damage, new damage, or defective materials in the mix.

There's Additional Damage That Was Well Hidden

It's very common for there to be more than one spot of damage. For example, if you've dealt with roof leaks and just had the roof repaired, no doubt the roofers repaired damage. However, there may have been some very well-hidden damage in another part of the roof. You can have damage in odd places, and it takes only a microscopic opening to allow water in, for example. In this case, the roofers just need to come back and inspect the roof again, and arrange for the repairs to be done.

There's New Damage

Between now and when the roof was repaired, new damage could have occurred. If you had a storm after the repairs, it's possible a branch blew off a tree and grazed your roof, leading to another breach. Animals may have climbed from a tree to the roof and tried to scratch through the material to find a weak spot for a potential nest. If this is something that starts happening a lot, consider changing the roofing materials the next time you have the roof replaced. The repair company can give you advice on which materials, such as metal, might be a better choice for your region.

The Repair Materials Were Defective

This is why you always want a warranty attached to any repairs: Sometimes the roofing repair materials themselves are defective. In this case, the roofers can come back and redo the repairs with better materials. This is something that can happen to even great roof repair companies, so take it in stride. When the roofers determine what broke down, they can remedy the situation.

Your roof repair should go smoothly, and if something is still wrong after that, it's likely a new or a hidden problem, and not a problem with the repair labor and technique. It's a good idea to discuss what would happen if you still had issues after the repair when you get bids for the job from roof repair companies. Look into some roof repair companies near you for more information.

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