Signs That Your Roof Needs a Replacement

If you have recently had difficulties with leaking, poor aesthetics, or deterioration of your rooftop, you may have wondered whether it is time for an entire rooftop replacement. Here are signs that indicate you need a roofing replacement soon.

1. Leaking Occurs In Several Locations

When you have an area of your roof that has become damaged, water is likely to seep into your building when inclement weather or melting of snow or ice occurs. One spot may be able to be patched temporarily. When there are many locations where water gets inside, however, you may be better off with an entire roof replacement. To find out which route to take, contact a roofing service to inspect the surface of your roof. They will check for voids and determine whether a simple repair will do the trick at stopping leaks or if roofing material replacement is best.

2. Several Layers of Shingles Are Already Present

On average, homeowners use two to three layers of shingles upon rooftops before replacing the entire batch. When you have more than three layers, the weight of the shingles present is a concern. If your area is prone to ice or snow, you may find that the weight of this frozen precipitation presses downward, leading to caving in and moisture accumulation. In addition, if you have not had a roofing replacement conducted in a few decades, shingles at the bottom of the layering process are likely to have deteriorated over the years. If you are unsure as to how many layers of shingles are already on your building, contact a roofing specialist to conduct an assessment. 

3. The Roof's Appearance Is Not Great 

Most people want to have a home that appears uniform and pleasing to the eyes of those that view it. If your roof does not look new, it could take away from the appearance of the rest of your structure. This is exacerbated if you have neighboring homes with brand-new rooftops. Shingles become damaged over time from weathering, mold accumulation, and moss growth. Some of these downsides can be altered with simple cleaning processes. Before you contact roofing professional, clean shingles using an appropriate cleaning agent and a soft-bristled brush to remove debris. If the roof is left with black streak marks from algae, crumbed or cracked shingles from age, or discoloration from fading, consider contacting a roofing service for an evaluation.

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