What Repairs Might Be Needed After A Roof Is Neglected?

If you want a roof to last, you need to take care of it by performing tasks like cleaning out the gutters, maintaining your attic insulation, and sweeping moist leaves off the roof surface. But what if you move into a home where this maintenance has been neglected for a while? What might this mean for the roof? Well, your roofing contractor may well tell you that the roof needs to be replaced, but if the roof is younger and has only been neglected for a few years, then there's a pretty good chance you'll just need one or more of the following repairs.

Replace Raised Nails

If water is allowed to accumulate on the roof due to clogged gutters, one thing that can happen is popped nails. The nails rise out of the roof's surface due to continued exposure to moisture that softens the roof. This can lead to little leaks and can eventually cause the roof to rot. But as long as the popped nails are caught early, your roofer can just remove them, plug the holes with some tar, and then pound some new nails in. 

Caulk Around Vents, Chimneys, and Other Penetrations

A lack of care can cause the caulk around chimneys and other penetrations to start peeling and cracking. This may not immediately lead to leaks, but it eventually will. On a dry day, your roofing contractor can peel the old caulk out and apply some new caulk in its place. Then, you'll need to keep up with keeping your gutters clear and your roof clean so the new caulk lasts longer.

Remove Algae or Moss

Algae and moss growth are common on roofs that are neglected. And while removing algae and moss is not a roof repair in the strictest sense, it is a service most roof repair companies offer — and something you should have done by a professional. A roofing company can remove these species from your roof gently and without causing any additional roof damage. DIY methods of moss removal, like power washing and scrubbing, often cause granule loss and other shingle damage — so they are best avoided.

Of course, if there are any shingles that are damaged, your roof repair company will replace those, too. Don't fret too much if your roof has been neglected for a while. As long as you catch and repair issues promptly, everything should be fixable.

Reach out to a local roofing contractor to learn more about roof repair.

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