Using Modern Materials To Roof A Rustic Home Design When Doing A Replacement

If you are creating a rustic roof design for your home, you have many choices for the materials you can use. Today, modern materials like metal and composites give you a more durable finish while maintaining the rustic look. These materials can be metal tiles, composite shakes, and treated lumber. The following guide can help you with your rustic roof design with modern materials:

Synthetic Slate for a Mountain Cabin Design

In many mountain regions around the world, slate is a traditional roofing material. It can also be a great material to use to give your home the look of a European mountain cabin. Therefore, one of the options that you may want to consider for a rustic roof replacement is slate. The problem is that slate tiles are too heavy for lightweight balloon-frame construction. Synthetic slate tiles can be a good way to give your home the mountain style you want when doing a roof replacement.

Treated Shake Roofing for a Durable, Rustic Look

In North America, traditional roofing materials also include wood shakes. These are usually hand-split shakes made from materials like red cedar and white oak. Today, there are also options for treated shake materials, which are durable and resistant to decay. Shakes can also be good solutions for roof replacements in areas where wet or dry climates are a problem. The treated shakes are resistant to decay and fire in areas that are vulnerable to wildfires.

Composite Shake Materials for Rustic Roof Designs

Composite shakes can also be used for a rustic roof replacement. These materials can be great if you are looking for an alternative to natural and treated wood shake roofing products. The composite shakes are designed to last and will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Stamped Metal Tile Solutions for a Rustic Roof Replacement

Stamped metal tiles are another material that can be used to create the rustic look you want to achieve. There are several options for stamped metal tiles if you want to have a more traditional rustic design. There are also some metal tiles that have a special finish and profile to resemble slate tile roofing. These materials have the advantage of being durable and energy efficient.

The rustic roof design of your home can be finished with modern, durable materials. Contact a roofing service and ask about using these materials for a rustic look when doing a roof replacement.

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