Fireplace Installation Design Ideas for the Hearth

If you want to have a fireplace installed in your home, there are a lot of options for inserts. The only thing is you may need to choose the design of the finishes around the fireplace hearth. Therefore, you may want some ideas for the design for your new hearth. The following hearth designs will work well when you install an insert in your home:

Using Brick Face for Fireplace Installation

One of the most popular options that you want to consider for your fireplace is a brick hearth. This is an attractive solution for a more conventional-looking fireplace design. You should ask the installation service if there are models that have features for the brick around the fireplace. If the hearth has to be built by a mason, you will need to get the exact dimensions of the insert from the installation service.

Contemporary Hearth Designs with Modern Materials

Another option that you will want to consider for your fireplace hearth is a contemporary design. Today, different options are available for the materials that can be used for a contemporary fireplace hearth, including:

  • Polished metal materials to accent the fireplace and hearth
  • Modern tile designs with unique colors and styles
  • Glass features that are integrated into the insert and hearth

These are some of the contemporary materials that can be used for the design of your new fireplace.  The contemporary designs often work well with inserts because they can have matching features that blend well. You can also add additional features to enhance the hearth with design details.

Rustic Hearth Designs with a Combination of Materials

Another type of design that you may want to have for your fireplace hearth is a rustic design. If you want to have a fireplace hearth that looks aged like it has been there for generations, some of the things that you can do include:

  • Use classic brick styles
  • Add reclaimed timber beam shelves
  • Use cast iron accents for decorative details

These are some of the things that you can do to create a fireplace that looks attractive and agreed to a rustic design. You will want to find resources like reclaimed building materials to use for these types of hearth designs.

Luxury Hearth Designs With Marble and Stone Materials

Another option for the fireplace hearth is to build a luxury fireplace hearth. This can be done with premium stone materials like marble or granite. The benefit of these materials is that they can easily be cut to the fireplace insert installation's exact dimensions. This will create the illusion that the new hearth is cut into the slabs of stone.

These are some of the different design options that you will want to consider for the hearth of your fireplace. Contact a fireplace installation service to discuss these options to design the new hearth installed in your home.

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