Roofing Services To Help With Your Home Renovations And Major Maintenance Projects

When renovating your home, there are major maintenance projects that need to be done. One of these maintenance projects might be replacing the roof. Residential asphalt shingles often need to be replaced because they are only designed to last for a certain number of years. The following roofing services will help during renovations:

Repairing Minor Damage to Roofing

Damage to your roof can be caused by wear or other causes that require repairs. Therefore, if your shingles have small issues, you may need to deal with minor repairs. Some of the minor roof repairs that may need to be done during your home renovations include:

  • Leaks due to water traps
  • Minor wind damage due to storms
  • Leaks due to punctured shingles
  • Damage to the flashing and seals around the vents

Minor repairs can also include improvements to prevent wear and leaks. Talk to your roofing service about options for these improvements to get more life out of your asphalt shingles.

Assessing the Condition of Roofing

Shingles eventually wear out, and you need to assess their condition when doing major renovations. Problems and signs that you need to look for when evaluating the condition of your roof include:

  • Visible and extensive storm damage
  • A worn and smooth roof surface
  • Damage where roof slopes meet
  • Deformed shingles and fungus

The condition of your roof may be well-worn, which means that you are going to need a roof replacement eventually. When replacing the shingles, you can also make improvements to get more from your investment in renovations.

Remodeling the Roof to Add Features

The work that you are having done to your roof will give you an opportunity for remodeling. There are small and major changes that can be made to the roof of your home. Some of the roof remodeling projects that you may want to invest in for your renovations include:

  • Adding false architectural roof structures
  • Adding to the roof with covered porch spaces
  • Extending the eaves with architectural features
  • Adding decorative features like cupolas

These roof remodeling projects will add more value to your home renovations. They also provide functional features, such as a covered porch for outdoor living spaces.

The roofing on your home may only need minor repairs, or it may need more thorough maintenance and improvements. For more information about roofing service during renovations, reach out to a local roofing company for suggestions, or to inquire about their services.

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