3 Ways To Check For Shingle Damage So You Can Have Roof Repairs Done Promptly

If you never check your roof, or you don't check it in different conditions, you may not know when your roof is leaking and in need of repairs. Repairs for a minor leak are much less expensive than paying for major repairs or a roof replacement due to water damage. Here are three ways to check your roof for signs that repairs are needed.

1. Check For Floppy Shingles When It's Windy

Shingles get loose sometimes, but you can't always tell by looking from the ground or even from the roof on a day with no wind. Make it a point to look at your roof from the ground on a windy day. The wind may lift up the loose shingles and reveal the problem.

Note the general area of the flopping shingles so you can tell a roofing contractor where to find the problem. If the shingles are still in good shape, but just loose, the roofer may just seal them in place so they don't flop around any longer and let rain seep through during a storm.

2. Check For Drainage And Leaks When It's Raining

You probably don't want to stand out in the rain to check your roof, but you can take a minute to watch the rain drain from the roof from the comfort of your car after pulling in your driveway. Check that rain rolls off the roof into the gutters and pours out the downspout. Proper drainage is an important part of protecting your roof.

It's also a good idea to check your attic when it's raining. It's easier to detect leaks when water drips from the rafters. However, you should be suspicious of a roof leak if your attic smells musty or if you see mold on the wood or insulation. If your attic is leaking, call a roofing repair contractor right away so they can find the leak and stop it or your home might sustain water damage and develop a mold problem.

3. Check For Missing Granules When It's Sunny

Missing granules are a problem for roofs because the granules protect shingles from damage. With the granules gone, the shingles wear out much faster and might begin to leak. Shingles can get scraped off by tree branches or because debris slides across the roof during a storm.

Roof repairs that fix the problem of missing shingles might include replacing the affected shingles or just adding new granules to the old shingles. It's easy to spot an area with missing granules when it's sunny outside since the shingles with missing granules appear darker and more worn out when compared to shingles that still have their granules.

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