4 Things to Expect with Residential Roof Replacement

When it comes to roofs, there are different companies that specialize in different types of roof replacement or repair. A commercial roof is a completely different project than dealing with a residential roof and can require a completely separate set of skills to get the job done. When working on a residential roof, your roofers will handle the entire process from start to finish, but here are a few things you might consider before they come to work on your house.

Roofing Jobs Are Loud

Even if you are staying inside the comfort of your home for the duration of the time they are there working, you can expect to hear banging, hammering, nail guns, and compressors all day long. If you or anyone in your family are sensitive to loud noises, you need to make preparations to be ready for their arrival. The best thing for small children or pets who are easily bothered by noise is to have a babysitter lined up for them to spend the day with.

Roofing Jobs Are Dangerous

Residential roof replacement services are able to get your roof needs taken care of in a short amount of time, but this is only because they have had proper training and experience to know what to do to stay as safe as possible. Climbing around on top of a house is very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, so only attempt a DIY approach for your roof replacement if you are confident you can handle all aspects of the job. Always keep small children and pets away from ladders and scaffolds to ensure the safety of everyone.

Stay Out of Their Way

Not only do you need to avoid the ladders and potentially knocking someone down, but you also need to make sure your children and pets are not anywhere near a construction zone while workers are present and the job is not finished. Part of residential roof replacement involves removing the existing shingles before installing the new ones. When this happens, spare shingles and nails are likely to be thrown all over your yard, making it very dangerous for your family. If you stay inside until they are finished, you won't have any problems.

They Will Clean Up

The contractors will use a magnetic pickup tool once the job is finished. This tool will pick any spare nails that might have been thrown in the yard, making it safe for your children or pets to return to their regular activities outside.  

For more information, contact residential roof replacement companies. 

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