Pros And Cons Of A Drone Residential Roof Inspection

As roofs are beaten up by more frequent and severe storms, the National Roofing Contractors Association is recommending at least two roof inspections a year. Your roof warranty may also require these inspections.

A fly-by inspection by a drone is an option, but is it an unnecessarily high expense for the residential homeowner? Or could it save you from the cost of a full roof replacement down the road? The following comparison of convenience, inspection price, and repair cost will help you decide. 


For a fly-by drone inspection, you do not need to arrange to be at home. If no problems are detected with your roof, the inspection is performed with no inconvenience to the homeowner. If your home has been damaged in a storm, a preliminary inspection by drone minimizes the risk of an inspector slipping or falling through the roof. 

Standard roof inspections can also be performed without your presence. Many roof contractors will arrange to do roof gutter cleaning and minor repairs at this time, after of course obtaining your approval. You should be able to negotiate a lower price by combining two roof jobs in one, saving on the labor hours it would take for the roofers to make a second trip to your home. 

Inspection Price 

The drone versus physical roof inspection cost is considerably more. Most homeowners pay between $75 and $250 for a physical roof inspection, while a drone inspection costs between $150 and $400. Using infrared technology during a drone inspection costs between $400 and $650. The major advantage of the infrared inspection is that it can detect internal moisture damage that, if gone unfixed, could require a roof repair or replacement in the future. 


If roof problems are detected, however, the drone crew cannot fix them onsite.

If water condensation is starting to lift tiles or a small bubble is forming under a seam, these issues may not be detected by the aerial photos. 

The drone could spot a clogged gutter. You will then need to contact your roof contractor to clean the gutter. 

If you're managing a commercial building or complex or a residential community or condos, high-resolution aerial video provides a useful view of the state of your roof and property. For most residential properties, an onsite roof inspection by a qualified roofing repair service can help you save on costs and allow preventive maintenance to be performed.

Contact a roof contractor to learn more.

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