What Can Be Done For Missing Roofing Granules?

There are a few telltale signs that indicate that your shingles need to be repaired or completely replaced by a roofing contractor. And, missing shingle granules is one of them. So, what exactly are granules and what will the contractor do when they are missing from your roof?

What Are Shingle Granules?

When you look at the asphalt shingles on your roof, you may notice that they are covered in small specks or stones that shine in the sun. The rocks do add to the aesthetic appearance of the roof, but they have another purpose as well. The granules are made to reflect light away from the roof to help it retain a more even and cool temperature. This means a reduction in attic heat during the warmest parts of the year. 

The granules also minimize sun damage and this helps to ensure the strength and structural integrity of the shingles. The granules are made from a variety of different materials that include porcelain, slate, and slag. They are baked onto the shingles at the time they are manufactured and the rocks are meant to remain on top of the shingles until they are completely replaced. 

What Can Be Done For Missing Granules?

Sometimes, granules will start to come off the roof. This can happen as the shingles age and it is normal to see some of the rocks in your gutter or around the perimeter of the home. However, once a good deal of the release of the granules, your asphalt shingles will not be protected like they once were. 

A roofer can address granule loss by first inspecting the roof to see if there is one area where more of the rocks have disappeared. If a patch of granules is gone, then specific shingles may be identified for replacement. This is a common problem where tree limbs have scraped the shingles or where hail or ice have caused pinpointed damage.

If the issue is widespread, then the warranty may be investigated for the shingles. If they are still under warranty but not retaining their granules, then the shingles may be defective and can be replaced. Replacement shingles are provided by the manufacturer and you will be responsible for the installation cost alone.

Keep in mind that since granules are actually baked into the surface of each shingle, they cannot typically be replaced. However, your roofer may be able to adhere or cement some new granules in place to maintain the appearance of your roof on a short term basis. Contact Queston Construction Inc to learn more.

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