Roof Replacement Advice for Detached Garages

When a house has an attached garage, the roof for the garage is considered an extension of the home and is typically replaced at the same time as the house roof. For homes with a detached garage, roof replacement may be done at the same time if necessary or at a later date if the garage is still in good condition. Regardless of when you replace the roof, there are some special considerations to keep in mind when replacing a garage roof.

Roofing Material Options

The type of roofing replacement material available for your roof depends on the slope of the roof. If you have a pitched roof, then asphalt shingles, clay tiles, wood shakes, or metal roofing are the best options. These materials ensure moisture and snow slides off the roof quickly and safely. Low slope and flat roofs can use different materials. A low slope roof can use any of the materials that are suitable for a pitched roof, or you can opt for a self adhesive membrane. These membranes go on quickly and provide excellent protection from the elements. The only requirement is that the roof has at least a slight pitch so that moisture can drain. Flat roofs typically have torched down membranes installed, which are a bit more time consuming to install compared to self adhesive membranes.

House Considerations

Before settling on a roofing material, it's important to consider how the look of the garage roof will impact the curb appeal of your home and property as a whole. If the garage is visible, then it may be best to opt for the same roofing material and color as that on the main house. This will give more continuity to the appearance of your home and increase the property's curb appeal. For garages that aren't visible from the street, such as those set in the back part of the lot or otherwise well separated from the house, you can opt for any roof material you like, though it will look very odd if the materials are different. Another option is to use different materials, such as more expensive tile on the main house and asphalt on the garage, but choose colors that match or complement each other.

Garage-Specific Issues

Finally, there are a few roof installation issues unique to detached garages that you should keep in mind. Dust and debris is more likely to sift down into an uninsulated garage during installation, so cover anything inside the garage with tarps to protect the items. Cars and other sensitive items should be removed from the garage before roof installation.

Furthermore, remove anything that is stored in the rafters prior to roof replacement. Any items on shelves or hanging on walls should also be removed if you are concerned that the shuddering from installation could knock items loose. Contact a roof replacement contractor in your area for more help with your new garage roof installation.


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