Everything About Foam Roof Installation For An Energy-Efficient Business

When it comes time to update old commercial roofing, there are modern materials like spray foam that can improve the efficiency and durability of buildings. Therefore, you may be looking for more information about installing a spray foam roof for your business. The following facts about the benefits of spray foam roofing will help you decide if it is right for the needs of your property.

Creating a Waterproof Seal without Seams — The way spray foam roofs are installed provides a watertight seal around areas that often leak with other types of roofing systems. This is due to the spray foam and sealant coating being applied in a seamless layer of roofing. The seamless design of these roofing systems will also prevent common commercial roofing problems that need to be repaired, such as seams coming loose or leaks around mechanical boots.

Building Up to Reduce Standing Water Loads — One of the major problems with commercial roof designs is that they have a flat design. This can cause issues with structural damage if there is standing water that collects on the roof. With spray foam roofing, the problem areas can be built up in layers, which will improve drainage and prevent problems that often cause serious damage to buildings. This improved drainage design for commercial roofing helps reduce wear and prevent structural damage due to these standing water problems.

Insulating to Provide an Excellent Thermal Barrier — One of the biggest benefits of using a spray foam roofing system is the thermal barrier it provides. The spray foam will protect your business from heat gain in the summer and heat loss during the winter months. It also provides strength to the building to improve the structural integrity of commercial buildings. The thermal barrier of the spray foam layer also helps to prevent problems with moisture due to condensation.

Reflective Cool Coating That Is Easy to Maintain and Repair — The coatings that are installed to seal the spray foam are also lighter colored. This helps reflect heat to reduce heat gain and keep your business cool during hot summer weather. The impermeable seal layer is also easy to maintain and repair, which makes spray foam roofing a great choice for larger commercial buildings. Whenever there is a problem with a leak in the seal, it can easily be patched for quick repairs.

The right spray foam roof installation will protect your business, reduce wear, and improve energy efficiency. You can contact a foam roofing system installation service when you get ready to install new roofing.

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