Special Considerations When Buying A Flat Concrete Roof

If you are in the market for a flat roof for your house or commercial building, then you may want to consider a concrete roof. These roofs are durable, cheap, and can provide an aesthetic that slanted tile roofs simply can't. However, there are special concerns to take into consideration when opting for a flat concrete roof.

It's Heavy

Concrete roofs are generally several inches thick and can handle high-speed winds and torrential rains with ease. However, because they are concrete and made to last, these roofs are incredibly heavy. This means that your entire building will need very strong structural support and most likely some form of support along the inside of the building. This is especially true if your building is made from wood and drywall rather than stone, brick, concrete, or another more durable material. Rain and snow will stack on top of the roof more than it would on a slanted surface, so you will need to be cautious when it comes to supporting your concrete roof.

It Needs To Drain

Flat roofs are more difficult to drain than regular roofs as there is no natural slant that feeds into a gutter. Instead, alternative spouts are used that drain water from the roof itself if it is capable of holding any water naturally, such as with roofs with an edge. Additionally, some roofs avoid pools of water by installing a drain in the middle of the roof. When installing a concrete roof, you will need to have some way to drain water so that it does not collect water.

It Requires A Professional

Concrete can be easy to use for regular DIY projects without many special considerations besides measurements and costs, but concrete roofs are a separate matter. Concrete shifts and shrinks as it dries, and it can be hard to set up a concrete roof so that it does not leak without professional know-how. Additionally, roofing is dangerous, and these roofs require hauling hundreds of pounds of concrete to heights the average person can't reach alone. When creating a concrete roof, call a professional roofer you trust.

Overall, there are many factors to consider when adding a concrete roof to your home or building beyond cost and availability. You will need to make sure your roof is properly drained and supported. You should also never try to create a concrete roof yourself, as it requires a professional to ensure both your safety and the roof's integrity.

To learn more, contact a roofing contractor.

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