Roof Replacement On An Older Mobile Home: Things You Should Know As A Homeowner

Mobile homes can have many different types of roofing, but there is one general thing to keep in mind about these homes and roof replacement: you will need help from an experienced roof replacement service. Replacing a mobile home roof can be a bit harder to achieve than on a usual home because there are things that have to be considered. Here is a look at just a few of the things you should know as a mobile home owner. 

Roof replacement may involve some kind of structural adjustment. 

Since mobile homes are designed by the manufacturer to be lightweight, these structures are specifically designed to accommodate a certain level of weight up on the roof. If you make any changes to the roof, it can change the weight distribution and mean you could see problems down the road. Therefore, when you work with a roof replacement service to replace the existing roof, there may have to be some structural adjustments done as well. This is especially true if you are making a change from something lightweight like metal roofing to something heavier like asphalt shingles. 

Roof replacement is commonly necessary if you are experiencing a lot of noise. 

Even though a brand-new mobile home is built to be relatively resilient to the elements and the wind, older mobile homes are pretty notorious for developing issues with noise from the roof that happens when the wind blows. This rumbling racket you hear is caused by some of the roofing materials degrading and breaking loose so they can be moved by the wind. The sound is a pretty good indication that it is time to have the roof replaced, especially if you have a flat metal roof. Flat metal roofs on mobile homes are more likely to have issues with rumbling due to age. 

Roof replacement is a tedious process if you have built onto your mobile home.

For many people, mobile homes are considered their permanent residence. They will often place their mobile home on a lot and later choose to build onto the mobile home with an addition. If you have an addition attached to your mobile home, the roof replacement process can be a little tedious to tackle. The attached addition cannot add on any extra heft on the side of the home where it is attached, so roofing has to be well-balanced and carefully connected in a way so that it does not generate issues. 

If you are worried about the condition of your mobile home's roof, contact a roof replacement contractor near you. 

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