Roof Repairs Your Home May Need Due To Clogged Gutters

The gutters on your house protect your home from water damage as long as the troughs and downspout drain properly. If the gutters get clogged with leaves, snow, or ice, water can spill over the sides or back up under your roof and cause roof damage. Here are ways clogged gutters damage your roof and the repairs you may need to have done.

Damage To The Fascia And Soffit

The fascia and soffit are the boards on the underside of the roof. They are often made of wood and susceptible to damage. The gutter hangers attach to the fascia boards, and if the gutter troughs get too heavy because they are clogged with water and wet leaves, the hangers may pull from the wood and cause holes and cracks. Paint may start peeling due to water exposure, and the boards may rot.

This makes your home look neglected, and the dampness can encourage mold to grow. Damp wood can also attract insects, and once insects burrow in, birds may start pecking around the boards looking for bugs to eat and cause even more damage to the soffit and fascia. A roof repair company may need to replace the fascia boards or soffit boards that are affected by the water damage before they allow water to leak inside your home.

Damage To The Shingles And Deck

The bottom row of shingles is close to the gutters, so the shingles can soak up water if the gutters are clogged. This reduces the life of the shingles and can lead to algae growth or moss that makes your roof look dirty and old. Wet shingles pose the more serious problem of getting the deck underneath them wet too. When the deck gets wet, it can start to rot. This leads to a weak roof that's more susceptible to damage from wind and storms, and it increases the risk of a roof leak.

If roof repairs are not done in time, you may also have to deal with water damage to your attic or between the walls of your home. The roofer may need to replace several shingles if the damage is caught early, but when the deck is affected too, the rotted part of the deck has to be cut out and replaced with dry materials.

These roof repairs are necessary to prevent water damage to your home and to get a longer life from your roof. However, this type of damage can often be avoided by simply keeping your gutters cleared out, repaired, and in good working condition. Reach out to a professional who provides roof repair services to learn more. 

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