Eco-Friendly Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Options

Commercial roofs are like any other roof structure and must be replaced after some time. If you are concerned about global warming and your ever-rising energy bills, then now is the time to consider a replacement that is environmentally friendly. So, what exactly should you be asking about when it comes to your eco-friendly roof replacement?

White Roofing Options

The vast majority of commercial roofs have been and continue to be a dark color. This has a lot to do with the materials used to make up the roofs. Specifically, petroleum products are often utilized, and the dark material causes your roof to absorb heat. The increased heat forces you to use more energy to maintain a consistent temperature inside your building with the use of your AC system.

Fortunately, you can opt for a cool roof with your replacement. This type of roof is one that is white or a light shade of gray. Typically, these roofs are membrane ones that are made from thermoplastic materials. You can also opt for a spray foam roof that is coated in white paint. The benefit of this roof is that it offers optimal insulation to minimize the loss of energy. 

Reflective surfaces are an option as well, and steel roofing materials are the most common when it comes to these types of surfaces. Steel has the benefit of reducing construction costs by allowing the steel to be installed over the existing roof. However, this can increase the weight on the roof structure, so make sure that your roofing contractor inspects the roof thoroughly to ensure that it is structurally sound. 

Green Roofing Options

If you want to invest in a less traditional roofing option, then you can look at green roofs. Green roofs are garden or plant cover roofs that are placed over existing flat roofs. They are the ultimate in eco-friendly roofing solutions and they also assist with rainwater accumulation due to the absorption of fluid by the plants.

To create a green roof, your contractors will need to create a base roof that is strong and resistant to the formation of mold and mildew. This requires the installation of several layers of material. The first layer consists of the flat membrane that creates a seal on the roof base. Over this structure, a drainage layer is installed and a root barrier system is secured over this. Once the main layers are added, the roofers can secure the growing medium, and greenery can be planted at this time. If you choose to complete the planting on your own, make sure to speak with your commercial roofers about the best plants for the rooftop.

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