Considering A Cedar Shake Roof? Here Are 5 Options

A cedar roof can be a beautiful thing, but just going out and buying cedar roofing isn't as simple as it once was. Here are five options to consider if you're going for that old-fashioned cedar roofing look.

1. Virgin cedar

While the best cedar heartwood comes from old-growth trees, old-growth forests are few and far between these days. On top of that, they're typically protected, so even if you don't care about the environmental damage, you may have trouble finding virgin (new) old-growth material for your roof.

You can, however, easily find cedar from younger trees. While this has the benefit of being more environmentally friendly, it has the drawback that the wood may have a shorter lifespan on your roof.

2. Yellow pine

Yellow pine is a frequently used substitute for virgin cedar nowadays. However, although it's considered an eco-friendly choice (because the trees grow so fast), yellow pine wood isn't quite the same color and texture as cedar. But once it's been chemically treated, the wood can have a long lifespan as a roofing product.

3. Reclaimed cedar

Some homeowners may be reluctant to try reclaimed cedar; after all, if it's already been in use, that ought to mean it has a shorter lifespan. However, choosing reclaimed cedar means you can access the highest-quality old-growth wood from the past, which (if well-kept, such as inside a building) may still have decades of life left.

Another benefit of reclaimed cedar is that it's quite eco-friendly to use since you're giving the material a second life and you're not cutting down any trees.

4. Cedar-look metal

Metal is so versatile that you can even find metal roofing products that are designed to look like cedar. While they may be pricey, these products could have an extremely long service life and warranty; some are designed to last a lifetime. In addition, metal doesn't require as many chemicals and maintenance visits as a real wood roof does.

Metal roofing products can also come in a wider variety of colors than you're likely to find in wood shingles or shakes.

5. Cedar-look composite

You can also find composite roofing materials designed to look like cedar shakes. Like metal roofing, these composites are typically low-maintenance. They're also likely to be available in a wide variety of colors.

As you can see, when you're in the market for a cedar shake roof, you can either choose one of several wood options or a closely matching alternative made of metal or composites. For more information on the cedar and cedar-like products available to you, get in touch with a local roofing company.

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