4 Times Roof Repairs Are Better Than Getting A New Roof When Your Roof Is Leaking

When you see water dripping from the ceiling during a heavy rain, your first thought may be that your roof is ruined and you'll need to shell out a lot of money for a roof replacement. Call a roofer before you panic. In many cases, roof repairs can be done at a much lower cost. Here's a look at when roof repairs are better than a roof replacement when your roof is leaking.

1. When Your Roof Is Still Fairly New

If your roof is fairly new, it might still be under warranty. If so, get repairs as soon as possible so the warranty helps with the cost. It's possible an error in workmanship or poor shingle quality contributed to the problem.

When your roof is still young, putting on a new roof usually isn't necessary unless the original materials were bad or the roof has extensive damage. Instead, the roofer can repair the leaky area.

One good thing about having a fairly new roof repaired is that the replacement shingles are easier to color match since the roof hasn't had time to age and fade.

2. When The Damage Is Confined To One Area

Even if your roof is old, repairs may be suitable when damage is confined to one area. For example, if flashing lifted and is leaking, then repairs would be simple and not require tearing off shingles. If part of the deck is rotted due to the roof leak, then the damaged part can be cut out and replaced.

One bad point about putting new shingles on an old roof is that the shingles will not match very well, and the repaired area will be noticeable. However, you'll save money having repairs done over putting on a new roof.

If your entire roof is wearing down due to age, then talk to your roofer and see if repairs are a good idea if you'll have to replace the entire roof soon.

3. If You're Going To Sell Your Home Soon

If you're planning to move out of your house within a few years, you may not want to invest money in a new roof. On the other hand, a new roof would be appealing to new buyers.

Talk to your roofing contractor and get an opinion on whether roof repairs would be a better option for keeping your roof in good repair until it's time to sell your house. As long as you keep up with roof repairs, the roof might still look good enough in a few years to be appealing to potential buyers.

4. If You Need To Stop The Leak Fast

A leaky roof isn't something you want to let go on very long because of the water damage it causes to your attic and the rest of your home. When you want to stop a water leak fast, then roof repairs could be the best option since planning for a new roof and having it installed could take a long time, especially during the peak roofing season.

For more information, contact a local roof repair service.

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