Why You Should Be Considering a Roof Replacement

Many homeowners are uncertain as to when they should start considering replacing their roof. Though there are a few signs that are obvious to look for, there are other indicators that won't be as obvious and may only be identified by a professional roofing contractor. The best way to ensure that your roof is structurally sound is to schedule a roof inspection. An inspection is the first step in determining if a roof replacement is necessary since an inspection will uncover any hidden issues that may not be easy to see.

Keep reading to learn when you should consider a roof replacement for your home.

1. Your Existing Roof Is Too Old

Eventually, your roofing materials will get too old to be repaired. Depending on the type of material being used on your roof, it will likely only last for about 25 years. So, if your roof is reaching the end of this life span, you will likely want to begin planning and budgeting for a roof replacement very soon.

2. The Shingles Are Starting to Curl

As the shingles on your roof start to curl or buckle, it is generally a good indicator that they have become brittle and need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Though you could just replace the shingles that have started curling, the result is not going to be beneficial for you. Ultimately, there may be other shingles on the roof that are about to do the same thing, which means that you will simply be better off replacing the complete roof. It will save you money, in the end, to inspect and fix the roof.

3. The Valleys May Be Comprised

The valleys on your roof are responsible for assisting in directing rain towards the gutters and away from the foundation of the home. If you notice that you have shingles missing or damaged around the valleys of your roof, you should not put off contacting a local roof repair company. Open spaces in the valleys may result in a leak, which could end up leading to the need for a complete roof replacement.

All of the aforementioned—aging roof, curling shingles, and compromised valleys—are signs that your roof may require a full replacement sooner rather than later. Since your roof is responsible for protecting you, your family, and your belongings, it is best to contact a roof replacement company to discuss your needs and options.

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