This Is Why You Should Choose A Roof Replacement Over Re-Roofing If You Have Missing Shingles

Having shingles go missing is often one of the first things that homeowners notice going wrong with their roofs. Whether you can see that they're currently loose, they've fallen onto the ground, or there are just bald spots on your roof, shingles disappearing is something you should never overlook. Here's a concise explanation of whether a re-roofing or roof replacement is in your future.

The Problem With Missing Shingles

It's unfortunate that missing shingles are one of the first things homeowners notice, because by the time shingles have come off, there's often already been a lot of damage done.

Roof shingles provide a seamless barrier that keeps things like rain from coming into direct contact with your roof. Once the shingles are lost, this protective barrier is also lost, and portions of your roof can end up being exposed to everything the weather can throw at it. Unfortunately, this often means that wood rot has already started to develop, and you may even have a leak beginning in the near future.

Further Damage

The problem with wood rot is that once it starts, it's hard to get rid of. Most of the time with wood rot the only real solution is to completely remove the portion that's been damaged by rot. But in the case of roofs, this usually means replacing the entire thing.

The problem with re-roofing in this situation is that all it does is add an extra layer of shingles to the roof. Re-roofing is a great way of maintaining a roof, but if damage is already occurring, it's likely to keep getting worse even if the roof gets a new layer of shingles. The damage has already happened, and wood rot can continue to progress even without further water exposure.

What to Do

The best thing you can do in this situation is to not waste any time and to get in contact with a roofer for a full replacement. Yes, it is a cost, but it's one that you can't avoid in this situation. Waiting and delaying by re-roofing your house will just give the wood rot a chance to progress and leaks a chance to worsen, and serious damage can end up being done to your home as a result. The sooner you get a new roof over your head, the less likely the rest of your house is to be damaged.

If you haven't made the call yet, it's time to get in touch with a roofer for help.

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