Need a New Roof? What to Consider When Planning Your Project

Winter is finally over. You might think that your roofing concerns are out of the way. That's not the case, though. Snow and ice concerns may have passed but you still have the spring thunderstorms to anticipate. If your roof barely survived the winter, now's the time to have it replaced. Here are four things to consider as you plan your roof replacement. 

Project Size

When you think of roof replacement, your entire roof might come to mind. If your entire roof has suffered irreparable damage, you may need to replace the entire thing. But that might not be the case. Before you decide on a total roof replacement, talk to your roofing contractor. It's possible to get away with a partial replacement. This is especially true if only a part of your roof has sustained damage. 

Choice of Materials

When you plan for your new roof, decide which materials you'd like to use for the roof. This is especially important if you need to have your entire roof replaced. If you're not satisfied with the material you chose last time, now's the perfect time to make a change. There are a wide variety of roofing options available to you, such as asphalt, wood, or metal. You will need to talk to your contractor about structural concerns. Some roofing materials are heavier than others. That means your contractor will need to ensure that the frame of your home is secure enough to withstand the additional weight. 

Covered Services

When you sit down to discuss your new roof, identify the covered services. There are several steps that go into replacing a residential roof. Make sure that all those services are covered in your contract. Two services that aren't always covered include roof removal and material disposal. Avoid issues with your roofing project. Have roof removal and material disposal included in your contract. That way, you know that the entire project is covered with one contract. 

Noise Constraints

Finally, when you plan for your roofing project, consider noise constraints. This is especially important if you have young children or day sleepers in your family. Roofing projects tend to generate a lot of noise. If that will be a concern, make arrangements for your family before the project begins. One way to avoid noise problems is to stay in a hotel while your roof is being replaced.

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