4 Situations In Which You May Not Want A Shingle Roof

For many people, the words "shingles" and "roof" are nearly synonymous. When you picture a roof, you picture a house with a shingled top. But while shingles are a popular roofing choice, they are far from the only roofing material available. There are many situations in which you might be better off with a different material, like metal or concrete tiles. So when don't shingles work well? Take a look.

1. When your roof is relatively flat.

Shingles are intended for roofs with a decent slope. This slope allows water to run off the shingles relatively quickly. If your roof is flat or close to flat, the shingles will get way too wet, and they will stay wet, which may cause them to deteriorate prematurely. Deteriorating shingles don't offer much protection. You should instead consider roofing your flat roof with rubber or metal, since both are impervious to moisture.

2. When you're in a really windy area.

Wind is really good at whisking its way under the edges of shingles and prying them off the roof surface. While shingles can probably withstand the occasional gust, they are not made for areas where high winds are common, such as along the seashore or in a hurricane zone. If you live in a windy place, you are better off with a really heavy roof material. Concrete and clay tiles work well, as does slate.

3. When it's always sunny outside.

A tropical climate that gets plenty of sun is really nice — but it's not so nice to your roof. Constant sun can dry out your shingles, leaving them brittle and prone to cracking and peeling. In a really sunny area, you are better off using slate, concrete tile, or metal. You can paint the metal a light color so that it reflects the light and does not raise your energy bills.

4. When you want your roof to last more than 30 years.

Shingles last about 30 years, on average. For most homeowners, this is just fine. However, if you never want to put another roof on your house again, you might want to opt for a longer-lived roof material, such as metal or concrete tile. These options typically last about 50 years. Slate is also a good choice, although it has a more rustic look. A slate roof can last a century, in some cases!

Shingles are popular, but they are not always the right roofing choice. Think carefully when making your selection. Contact a company like Done Right Home Improvements, Inc. to learn more.

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