Does Your Built-Up Roof Need Some Professional Assistance?

If your business has a built-up roof, then you may not pay too much attention to this construction. After all, these roofs are made to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. While this is true, you should be looking closely for some signs that your roof needs an inspection by a commercial roofing professional.

You Can Hear More Noise

Built-up roofs are created with a few different layers of material. These include a thick layer of insulation, the cover board or hardboard, and several layers of felt. The felt is sandwiched together with the help of liquid asphalt and a thick layer of gravel is spread on top to cover everything. Since the layers are quite thick, it takes a great deal of wear for them to be penetrated. When this happens though, rain can reach all the way to the insulation layer. When the insulation begins to break down, you will start to hear more noises inside your building. And, this is a sign that your contractor should take a look as soon as possible.

The roofing contractor will look at the overall structure of your roof to see if the entirety of it has deteriorated. Sometimes, there are some smaller areas, commonly along the periphery, where only these roofing layers have broken down. If this happens, you can schedule a repair. Otherwise, an entire replacement should be completed.

Extensive Gravel Loss

The very top layer of gravel on the built-up roof serves a few different purposes. It stands as a barrier between the environment and the layers of felt. This allows for protection against hail, snow, rain, and other debris. The small rocks also deflect UV rays to keep the asphalt and felt surface from drying out too quickly. 

Over time, the small bits of gravel will come loose. If you see this, then it may be time to think about an entire built-up roof replacement. Since the gravel loosens after many years, it is a pretty significant sign of age.

When speaking to your roofing contractor, ask them about materials that can best withstand wear and tear. For example, the addition of a reflective roof coating instead of gravel may be best to reduce thermal and UV damage. Additional felt layers can be added as well for a longer-lasting roof. Just make sure that the overall structure is able to retain the additional weight.

For more information about commercial roofing, contact a company like National Roofing Corporation.

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