Cedar Shake Roofing: Why It's A Great Choice For Any Home

Have you been told that your roof needs to be replaced? Don't look at this as a bad thing since it gives you the opportunity to replace your roof with any type of roofing material that you want. You don't have to put asphalt shingles back on the roof if you don't want to; you can change up the look and make it much better. Here are some reasons to select cedar shake roofing for your home's next roof.

The Look

Many homeowners love the look of cedar shake roofing material because it is actual wood. It looks natural and can transform a home to make it look a bit more rustic. The way that the shakes lie on top of each other can give the roof some added dimension as well, helping it stand out in a great way in a community where all your neighbors have asphalt shingles. It gives your home a bit of architecture in a place where it is typically missing. 

The Durability

Cedar shake roofing material may be made out of wood, but it is incredibly durable and can withstand the test of time. This is due to cedar being naturally resistant against common problems that affect other woods, such as pests and moisture. It helps increase the longevity of the roof, which is crucial for any roofing material that you pick.

The Insulation

One benefit of cedar shake roofing material that may not be apparent is how it is a great insulator. Cedar shake material will do a much better job at keeping your home feeling comfortable in both the summer and winter, which makes it a fine choice to use for any home. You will hopefully see energy bills go down over time after replacing the roof, which leads to long-term cost savings that you can put in your pocket. 

The Options

Know that you do not need to select cedar shake roofing that is made with real wood. You can always opt for the synthetic option that has the appearance of real cedar wood material but with none of the downfalls. It will look like the real deal but require less maintenance over the years to keep it in good shape. The synthetic material will not change in color over time like natural cedar shake material, but that may not be a bad thing either if you like how it looks on the day it is installed.

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