Benefits Of Roof Restoration

Age takes its toll on everything. Your home is no exception. As a homeowner, you probably spend a lot of time and money making sure everything stays in good condition. However, it is easy to overlook the roof if it is not leaking. Unfortunately, once it starts to leak, the situation is serious and may mean a new roof is required. However, if you stay on top of the condition of the roof, checking for missing or warped tiles, rot, mold, or deteriorating shingles, you can opt for roof restoration instead of replacement. Here are just a few benefits you will receive with this option.

Save Money

Probably the biggest benefit of roof restoration is that it costs considerably less than replacement. You will not have to have the roofing removed, saving a lot on labor costs. In addition, without the need to replace the wood under the roofing materials, the cost goes down even more.

Extend the Roof's Life

When you have roof restoration done as needed, you prevent more damage to the roof that would require a replacement. Protecting the wood under the roofing means you extend the life of the whole roof. Theoretically, regular roof care can keep you from having to replace the roof for as long as you own your home.

Tax Break

Roof restoration is maintenance. Roof replacement is considered a capital investment. When you restore the roof you can claim it as maintenance and take it as a tax deduction all at once. While replacement can also give a deduction, it is done over the course of years, as depreciation. When you consider all the maintenance that will be done to your home over the years, the maintenance deductions will work out to more than the depreciation amount over the life of the roof. You may not even own the house long enough to take advantage of all the depreciation.

When you notice that the roof is starting to show signs of wear and tear, contact a professional roofer. They can come and replace missing or old tiles or shingles, tighten everything up, and make the roof look like new again. Whether you do this to keep your home in great shape, or to increase the value so you can sell it for more money, it is a win-win situation. You end up with a solid, nice-looking roof without the cost of having the whole thing replaced.

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