3 Reasons To Consider A Spanish Tile Roof For Your Home

Spanish tile roofing has been used for centuries in some parts of the world. It's a popular choice for roofing because it can last a very long time and it's attractive. Spanish tile is usually a terracotta or other natural clay color, and it has a distinctive barrel shape. This roofing matches nearly all types of home architecture, and it can be seen on luxury homes, two-story houses, and ranch homes. Here are three benefits of putting a Spanish tile roof on your home.

1. Spanish Tile Can Last For Decades

It's possible your new tile roof could be the last roof you have to install. That doesn't mean the clay tiles are indestructible, but once they're installed, they don't degrade as asphalt shingles do. Instead, the tiles withstand weather and sun exposure, but they can be cracked due to impacts.

The roofer has to ensure the tiles survive transport to your home and the installation process. You have to be careful about walking on your roof after that. Stepping on the tiles wrong could crack them. As long as you stay off the roof and a limb doesn't fall on the tiles, the tiles could last many years.

However, if a tile is cracked, a roofer can easily repair the damage. If the tile is beyond repair, it can be lifted out and replaced without having to disrupt the rest of the roof.

2. Spanish Tile Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Clay provides natural insulation, and the way the tiles are applied allows for increased roof ventilation. These two aspects work to reduce heat transfer. The end result is your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Most other types of roofing are in sheets or shingles that overlap. Tile roofing is applied in individual tiles that allow air to circulate underneath them and that hold a small pocket of air for insulation.

That could give your air conditioner a break in the summer and you might notice a difference in your energy bills or be more comfortable in your home when compared to a roof that has poor insulation. This is one reason Spanish tile roofing is popular in warmer climates.

3. Clay Tiles Are Natural

Clay tiles are made without added chemicals or toxic additives, and the production of them is an eco-friendly process. When the roofing is torn off, the tiles can be recycled and used to make other products or more roofing. If you don't want to contribute to waste or use toxic materials, clay Spanish tiles are a good choice for your home from an environmentally friendly standpoint. 

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