Five Good Reasons to Choose Fiber Cement Siding

If you're in the market for new siding for your home, you might be overwhelmed by all of the products on the market today. One increasingly-popular siding option is fiber cement siding. This type of siding offers a myriad of benefits, including its stylish appearance and durability.

What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding is a composite material made from cement mixed with cellulose or wood fibers. It comes in siding sheets or as preformed shingles. Fiber cement siding can be powder coated in the factory so that the color is fused to the material and won't ever need to be repainted.

Benefits of fiber cement siding

1. Fire safety. Unlike wooden shingles and siding, which will feed a fire, and vinyl siding, which can melt, fiber cement siding is unharmed by extreme temperatures and fire.

2. Aesthetics. Fiber cement siding offers a finished, high-end look that stays clean and fresh with little maintenance. This type of siding is also very versatile and comes in a variety of colors and textures. There's something to complement almost any architectural and design style.

3. Easy to maintain. Fiber cement siding doesn't need periodic staining or sandblasting to keep looking like new. All you need to do is wash it twice a year or so with soap and water to remove any debris, cobwebs or stains.

4. Durability. Fiber cement siding can last 50 years or longer, which is much longer than other types of siding such as cedar shake or vinyl siding, when installed by a good siding contractor. In fact, many products come with a substantial warranty. Most fiber cement siding is treated with anti-fungal products and insect repellents, so you don't have to worry about mold or bugs compromising your siding. Fiber cement siding is also impervious to wind and rain and won't be dented by hail as vinyl siding can be.

5. Environmentally--friendly. Fiber cement siding is made with materials such as wood fibers, that would otherwise end up in the landfill. In addition, its long lifespan means that resources won't have to be used to make replacement siding for a very long time.

While fiber cement siding isn't the right choice for every property and every homeowner, this type of siding is beautiful, durable, easy to take care of, versatile, and kind to the environment. If you haven't considered fiber cement siding for your home, it's time to take a look.

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